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18 Dec 2012. Ronald Reagan never budged on marginal income-tax rates. He decreased them , big-time. Barack Obama is demanding that they be increased.

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5 Jan 2012. While interviewing the House majority leader, "60 Minutes" correspondent Leslie Stahl suggested that he might consider compromise because even Ronald Reagan had raised taxes several times. Cantor's flack then burst out.

12 Aug 1991. President Ronald Reagan cut income tax rates 10 years ago, thus continuing the postwar process begun by President John F. Kennedy of. The Social Security tax increases did disproportionally affect lower incomes. Where.

29 Jan 2011. According to Reagan himself, the federal income tax — specifically the over 90 percent top rate on top-bracket. No other news item, the New Yorker magazine would later relate, probably “ever did so much to increase the.

30 Jun 2011. The modern history of GOP linguistic gymnastics begins with Ronald Reagan, who famously began his presidency with a. Reagan's attempt to rebrand his tax increases as "revenue enhancements" did not go unnoticed.

1 May 2001. A close comparison of other attempts to fight recessions with tax cuts-one enacted by President Gerald Ford in 1975 and the other by President Ronald Reagan in 1981-shows that approaches that promote increased.

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1 May 2011. As evidence, they often point to the presidency of Ronald Reagan, claiming his massive 1981 tax cuts caused that decade's economic boom. But this anti-tax position makes it almost impossible to do anything serious about.

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Ronald Reagan Washington Dc Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Virginia, United States (DCA/KDCA ) President Franklin Roosevelt in 1938 chose Gravelly Point on the Potomac. The USO Lounge at Reagan plays host to service members flying into and out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, including a variety of special. Statue Of Liberty Liberty State Park Nj JERSEY CITY

6 Aug 2007. Our bridges are falling apart (among other things), and its Ronald Reagan's fault. A few hours. Tim Pawlenty (R) issued 20 full or partial vetoes of tax hikes and spending increases in May, giving taxpayers reason to smile.

15 Jun 2008. Ronald Reagan had a streak of pragmatism in him came soon after his inaugural speech on Jan. A tax increase could be necessary, Reagan said, and, if so, he didn't want to wait “until everyone forgets that we did not.