Sep 12, 2012  · As president, Barack Obama has made a habit of bypassing or ignoring constitutional limitations on his power, a panel of experts told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

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The case against the American Constitution. Everyone agrees that the American Constitution is perfect, an exceptional document akin to holy writ. Trump has already gone further than any.

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Jun 12, 2017  · Here’s the part of the US Constitution two attorneys general say Trump is violating. Here is the text of the foreign emoluments clause in Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution: No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress,

Under Donald Trump, departments across the executive branch have made religious freedom a clear priority, and nowhere has.

Peabody’s stock price has plunged by 97 percent over the past four years, and many smaller coal companies have gone bankrupt. with the Constitution’s “affirmation of rights unwritten and unseen.”.

Oct 04, 2017  · The Constitution, from its very inception, has envisaged an elected, representative government, one that is subject to removal at the polls. A democratic architecture arcs through most of its first two articles. Various amendments extend the franchise.

Obviously, clinging to the Obama legacy since he was Obama’s VP should play well. The net worth of Biden, Harry Reid, the.

and they are all gone. Instead, in 2013 we had all the Democrats giving a standing ovation to President Obama when he promised. executed.”. US Constitution, Art II, Section 3. The executive.

President Obama’s dangerous bathroom mandate is getting pushback not just in Congress and the media – but in church pulpits. His liberal agenda-gone-too-far has emboldened pastors around the country.

Jun 16, 2012  · President Obama has defended warrantless wiretapping. 15) Avoided prosecution of Wall. St criminals. Although Obama had promised to prosecute Wall St. criminals, as of May 2012, the Obama administration had not filed any criminal charges against any of the top financial executives. 16) Had U.S. citizen killed without judicial process

Article I of the Constitution. (those against Libya and ISIS) was one of the worst constitutional legacies of the Obama administration. President Obama even admitted that the Libya intervention was.

Trump’s presidency has been littered with them, and they’ve gone both ways – from Never Trumper to Trump. warned that Trump would be "an authoritarian President who ignored our Constitution." He.

Obama has adopted Bush’s abolition of habeas corpus and taken it one step further. Obama claims he has the right to imprison or kill, without trial and even without public notice, any American citizen he deems, on his own authority and no other, to be at war with America. This guts the Constitution — makes the Constitution a joke.

After Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died this year, President Obama went about nominating. put before the Senate and vote for or against that individual based on their qualifications.” The.

The alt media will soon be gone along with Trump and the Constitution: the three stages of a revolution 05/08/2019 / By News Editors Most people in this country fail.

The Trump administration has already slashed the number of. Now all those folks are gone." The 2019 cap was 30,000 — down.

Nov 27, 2014  · Sycophantics in the audience thunderously applauded this outright admission by the President that he has violated the Constitution. Just last week both Obama and his staff were insistent that the President is not changing the law and cannot do so without a bill being passed in Congress. Indeed, Obama has said repeatedly that he cannot change the law.

Article I of the Constitution. (those against Libya and ISIS) was one of the worst constitutional legacies of the Obama administration. President Obama even admitted that the Libya intervention was.

"The President H as Usurped the Constitutional Power of Congress," a debate from Intelligence Squared U.S. I’m John Donvan. We are in Philadelphia at the National Constitution Center with four superbly qualified debaters onstage who will argue for and against the motion, "The President Has Usurped the Constitutional Power of Congress."

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And a world that is not built around the kind of alliances we had before, oh baby, you will miss it when it’s gone. war.

The Constitution stands as a bulwark against. Obama administration and OCP, OCP was severely ratcheted down in 2015, and officially ended by the Trump administration in the summer of 2017. One.

Trump tweeted early Saturday morning in one part of a six-tweet tirade that began just after 6:30 a.m. The President went on to compare the alleged tapping of his phones to Watergate and called Obama.

Jun 15, 2011  · President Obama’s decision to involve U.S. military forces in an unconstitutional, unexplained mission in Libya has left many Americans seeking answers and action from Congress.

(Hat tip: Aaron Shuster.) The following is a contribution from Dan from Squirrel Hill.The original title of the article is “Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 252 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.” it’s lengthy, but is a ‘one-stop shop’ for all the dirty details on the Obama presidency.

Jun 29, 2014  · GOP leader: Supreme Court has ruled 13 times that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority. For example, in United States vs. Jones, the court was ruling on whether the FBI had the power to use a GPS to track a suspect and gather evidence. Technically, the FBI is a federal department under the Justice Department,

The Creator called for him nonetheless, and he is gone. A titan has fallen. The bitter rejoicing. Abortion is not found in the Constitution. Stating that laws cannot be passed against abortion is.

Though Obama has suggested he could override this prohibition with an executive order, others have cautioned against executive overreach which could “cross a red line and shatter the system hardwired.

Dec 25, 2015  · The 10 ways Obama has actively sought to destroy America. Obama clearly is not. His dour demeanor, his incessant criticism, his petulant lecturing of political opponents, his hands-off approach to national security and his background as a communist/Marxist ideologue all add up to one of the most loathsome presidents, if not the most loathsome,

Obama responded to a reporter’s question regarding his opinion of the case, and no case was pursued against Zimmerman. Obama’s respect for the Constitution does not apply to protections against unreasonable search and seizure, as Obama’s deeply intrusive National Security Agency programs prove. Constitutional under NDAA, even if I disagree with it.

Oct 06, 2007  · And yes, he has terrifically stretched, and abused Executive Powers, like no President in history has! First, yes, Bush has gone against the Constitution. The Iraq War is an example. it was never passed by Congress, and ONLY Congress can Declare War, thus, it is an illegal war. The Patriot Act of Bush’s is also against the Constitution.

Though Obama has suggested he could override this prohibition with an executive order, others have cautioned against executive overreach which could “cross a red line and shatter the system hardwired.

How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election. Ex-deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes noted the President is not empowered under the Constitution to.

Apr 20, 2015  · Helvering upheld the constitutionality of Social Security on the basis that Congress has a general power to spend on whatever it deems to be in the general welfare. This ruling completely upended the system of enumerated powers, in which Congress only had the powers delegated to it by the Constitution, and eviscerated the Tenth Amendment that restricted the federal government to its.

On September 27 last year, like many people, the actor and writer Heidi Schreck watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford give her compelling testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee about an alleged.

OBAMA’S CRIMES AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION. When running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2008, Obama said he would support a filibuster in the Senate against any bill immunizing the telecoms retroactively for collaborating with the government in illegal surveillance of the American people.

President Barack Obama. who has effectively come out against the very popular background check system. In opposing Obama’s executive actions, Republican presidential candidates warn that his.

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